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Digital Door Lock Specialist. COVID Update: Auckland is at Orange. All of our installers are vaccinated and will wear face mask.
Digital Door Lock Specialist. COVID Update: Auckland is at Orange. All of our installers are vaccinated and will wear face mask.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide installation service and what is your service area?

    Yes, we provide installation service Auckland wide. Feel free to request a no obligation quote here. Please check the map below for our service area:

    <p>Do you provide installation service and what is your service area?</p>
  • Can it be DIY installed?

    We highly recommend that you get a professional to install electronic digital locks. Smart locks require more precise door preparation than mechanical locks and manufacturer warranty does not cover any issues caused by improper installation.

    If you don’t know what you are doing it can be a massive headache. We got many calls to fix DIY errors and damages caused by inexperienced locksmith.

    You need a specialist / experienced installer.

    We offer professional installation service Auckland wide, all of our installers have installed 2000+ smart locks and we offer 1 year workmanship warranty for all the jobs we do.

    Request a free installation quote here: Request Installation Quote

  • Will your lock fit a right-hand / left-hand door, inward / outward opening door?

    Apart from Yale Code Handle, all our locks are non-handed. Door latch and handle are adjustable for any use direction.

  • How long will the battery last?

    For non-connected locks, batteries will last up to 10 months to a year. (lock/unlock 10 times a day)

    For App-enabled locks, batteries will last up to 6 months.

    Battery-low indicator or melody will alert you to change batteries.

    NOTE: Battery leakage may damage the mainboard, please inspect your batteries every 6 month and use quality batteries only. Please replace batteries every year to prevent leakage.

    IMPORTANT: Do NOT use rechargable or carbon zinc batteries which could damage the mainboard and void the warranty. Use alkaline batteries only.

  • What if the batteries go flat?

    All our locks have 'Low Battery' reminder / warning (either by indicator, melody or flickering keypad).

    Most of our locks come with external 9V battery terminals for emergency power.In case the batteries run out, jump start the lock outside with a 9V battery for instant power. (PIN or Card is still required).

    Locks without 9V terminals have physical key override for emergency.

    When battery-low reminder comes up, you can still unlock the door for approximately 15-30 times before batteries are completely drained.

  • What sort of warranty will I get on my lock?

    Schlage, Samsung, Häfele & Alpha digital door locks come with 2-year warranty.(Schlage Encode deadbolt comes with 3-year warranty).

    Yale, Gateman, Loghome, HiOne+ & Igloohome locks come with 1-year warranty.

    For any App-enabled locks, software and App support are actioned by DG LOCK through the manufacturer or local distributor.

    Warranty claim of Schlage, Samsung, Hafele, Yale, Gainsborough, Lockwood products will be actioned by DG LOCK through the local distributor/supplier.

    Please check our warranty policy for more details.

  • Can I replace an existing lock? Can it be retrofitted?

    Sure, most mechanical locks can be replaced except a few with very short backset (e.g. Euro cylinder locks or narrow stile locks). We would be more than happy to arrange a free visit (within our service area) and recommend the best options for your door.

  • My entrance door is unsheltered/exposed, can I install an electronic digital door lock?

    No. Electronic digital door locks are designed for sheltered entrance. It should be installed in a sheltered position with no unprotected/direct exposure to rain or direct sunlight.

  • Are the locks waterproof?

    Although an exposure to a few drops or splashing of water is harmless, digital door locks are designed to be used for a sheltered entrance. Do not install digital door lock on a door that's directly exposed to the weather (i.e. doors without canopy, awning or shelter).

  • Can I use rechargeable batteries?

    No, use only quality alkaline batteries only.

  • Will this fit a wooden / aluminium door?

    Yes, as long as there is enough clearance on the lock stile and thickness required.

    Feel free to contact us if you are not sure whether it fits your door.

  • How do I determine the backset of my existing lock?

    Backset is the distance from the edge of door to the center of the bore hole / lock.

    The picture below shows a 60mm backset.

    NOTE: The backset is measured from the high side of a rebated door.

    <p>How do I determine the backset of my existing lock?</p>
  • Can I install a deadbolt / rim lock without latch?

    Deadbolt / rim lock needs to work with a latching system. A door knob / lever / gripset with latch is recommended for better alignment. Roller catch / heavy duty megnets may also work for light doors only.

    Doors with self-closing pivot hinge system can install deadbolt/rim lock with pull handle.

  • Does the igloohome SmartLock require internet connection?

    Igloohome locks work offline and do not require internet connection or a hub. However, internet connection is required on the phone running the igloohome app for features such as PIN code and Bluetooth key generation.

  • Do I get real-time notifications when my igloohome SmartLock is unlocked?

    As igloohome locks are not connected to the internet, real-time notifications are only available when the igloohome lock is unlocked via Bluetooth Unlock/Bluetooth Key.

    For PIN code activities, you will be able to view them after updating Access Logs on the app.

  • Do I need internet and Bluetooth on my phone during pairing?

    Yes, your phone requires a stable internet connection (ideally mobile data) and Bluetooth while pairing your igloohome lock to ensure a smooth pairing process.

  • Do I need Bluetooth on my phone during pairing?

    Yes, your phone requires a stable Bluetooth connection while pairing your igloohome smart lock to ensure a smooth pairing process.

  • How many mobile devices can I pair with one igloohome smart lock?

    A single igloohome SmartLock can only be paired with one igloohome account (one email address) at a time.

    However, it is possible to use the same account across multiple devices.

    Important: Should you wish to share your account details with others, please note that these users will be able to perform actions such as: changing the Master PIN, resetting the lock, and deleting the lock from your account.

  • How many locks can be paired with one device?

    A single igloohome account (email address) can be used to pair with an unlimited number of locks.

    You may wish to organise your locks with home listings should you have multiple locks in multiple properties.

  • How does PIN code unlock work?

    To unlock your door with a PIN, simply touch your palm over the keypad of the lock to wake it up. Key in your PIN code, followed by '#'.

    Each lock comes with a Master PIN which can be changed on the app (between 7-9 digits).

    You can also generate and manage PIN codes with your igloohome mobile app.

  • Can I change the length of my Master PIN code?

    Yes, your Master PIN code can be changed to 7-9 digits long. This is done via the igloohome mobile app.

  • If I change my Master Pin, what happens to the current active PIN codes?

    Any changes made to the Master PIN will not affect the current active PIN codes - which means that it can still be used to unlock the locks.

  • How do I wake the keypad?

    Place a palm or finger over the keypad and it will light up.

    Note: Do not worry if you accidentally press a key when trying to activate the keypad and proceed to key in your PIN code. Due to the presence of the Decoy PIN function, the lock will be able to register the PIN correctly.

  • I have issued a PIN code to a guest but I have changed my mind and no longer want the guest to have access. Can I de-activate the PIN code remotely?

    As the igloohome SmartLock works offline, PIN codes cannot be de-activated via the app once they have been issued.

    You will need to reset your lock via Bluetooth (i.e. be in close range of the lock) to ensure that the PIN code is no longer valid. Home owners are advised to be cautious when granting access to guests - it’s similar to entrusting someone with your key.

    Alternatively, you may wish to share a Bluetooth Key. Bluetooth Keys can be revoked remotely.

  • Do I need to be near the igloohome smart lock to create a PIN code?

    Generated PINs can be created remotely as long as there is internet connection on the app.

  • I have a Gateman Digital Door Lock, how can I change the PIN?

    Please click on the YouTube video link below:

    How to change PIN on Gateman Digital Door Locks

  • I just purchased some Gateman tags, how can I add/register them to my lock?

    Please click on the Youtube video link below:

    How to register key cards/key tags to your Gateman lock

    NOTE: If you would like to use your old cards/tags, please register them along with new tags otherwise old ones will be automatically deleted.

  • I have an old Yale 3109, can I add Yale Bluetooth module to it?

    No. Yale Bluetooth module is only compatible with Yale 3109+.

    Yale 3109+ has 'YDM3109+' printed on the sliding cover.

    If you see 'designed by iRevo', it is the old 3109 which does not have Bluetooth option.

  • Does fingerprint lock work for everyone?

    Fingerprint Technology works for most everyone but not 100% of the population. For instance, young children (5 and under) have not usually developed their Fingerprints and body chemistry sufficiently for Fingerprint scanning to be successful. People who constantly erode their Fingerprints (eg: Bricklayers, Concreters) may not be successful candidates unless they can find a least abused finger that may work. Also, children between 6 and 18 may need to re-register their fingers every 6 months or so because their Fingerprint pattern is expanding as they grow.

    There are other conditions that can affect the quality of Fingerprint scans. Things such as blood circulation issues, strong blood and pain medications, exceptionally dry skin, and even metallic residues on the fingers (eg: metalworkers) can all upset the body chemistry as far as Fingerprint scanning is concerned. The effect these things may have on the quality of Fingerprint scans can vary from person to person and from time to time. 


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